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Our goal is to transform the look and feel of our clients' brand, for global appeal and customer recognition.

What we do:

  • Consultation
  • Content creation
    • Media relations: bookings, press releases
    • Publications/ Brochures
  • Web Design
  • Social media management
    • Profile development: Setting up profiles
    • Engagement: Ad and content creation, tracking
  • Idea conceptualization
  • Proof reading and editing

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Power Media Hub is a publicity firm specializing in PR consulting, social media, digital media, events, talent management services & more.


  • Event management & coordination
  • Event photography
  • Product/media launches

Talent Management

We manage a range of artists of various genres. We supply talent for weddings, corporate events and social functions. We offer artist consultation, branding and develop EPKs (Electronic Press Kits). Have a film? Need music for an ad or film production?

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