Our Philosophy

Our desire is to work with people; to help you realize your goals, from concept to implementation. We want to help you achieve. We will never oversell or undervalue what we do. We will work with you, so that you always get real value.

Our Story

Power Media Hub was founded by our Chief Cook, Rachael N. Collymore who has a passion for people, creative industries, intellectual property, social entrepreneurship, good music, good PR, nature and more. With an innate desire to serve, challenge boundaries and break glass ceilings, this company was formed. We are about transformation. We aim to create memories for you and for us, through branding, documenting and capturing the moments that count. Service is at the helm of what we do. We’ve worked with individuals and companies to help them get their message out to the right audience. It’s an on-going journey and we love what we do! Connect with us!

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